From featured screenings on LA’s Pitchfork TV to prime time spots on New Zealand’s 3 News, This One Is On Us has caused quite a storm since our inception at the start of 2009.

Here’s what a few outlets have said about us:

From Techdirt:
And as we’re being told how awful BitTorrent is and how various torrent trackers and search engines need to be shut down…people are being told that they "are encouraged to seed for as long as possible." …Once again, we’re seeing why those who embrace what technology allows will do just fine moving forward.

From Rolling Stone:
Another Version of the Truth: The Gift was filmed by the NIN crew during three Lights in the Sky concerts in 2008 with high-quality cameras. Then the massive amount of raw footage was distributed to the fans, who collaborated to edit it down into a cohesive live document.

From Spin Magazine:
Titled Another Version of the Truth: The Gift, the video was filmed during three concerts on the band’s Lights in the Sky tour in 2008 with plans for a major release. But after a disagreement with NIN’s label, the raw footage was made available to fans for editing.

From Antiquiet:
The band’s fan community of course needed no additional encouragement given such a extraordinary resource, with no creative limitations. A project called This One Is On Us sprung from the ether, its name inspired by Reznor’s own headline when he announced he would be giving away NIN’s most recent album The Slip for free ("this one’s on me"). The group’s aim was to put together a professional-quality DVD compiled from the best footage of all three gigs, to stand alongside the band’s own official live releases. After 12 months of obsessive work they presented the result, Another Version Of The Truth: The Gift.