Nine Inch Nails – Live in Australia 2014

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Matt Goldfinch has just finished his epic project to document NIN’s 2014 Australian Tour.

You can download the torrent here, or watch it on YouTube.

Seems to be a NIN community tradition that something interesting appears around the holidays – a welcome distraction from the sometimes strained family get togethers that happen at this time. Thanks Matt!

Watch the video, then come join the conversation over on ETS.

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This is a Trent Reznor song…

Wizfan covers Satellite

It’s pretty cool, really.

Looking for torrents for TOIOU NIN archive

Just turned off our dedicated seedbox after 18 months – decided I couldn’t justify the costs.

However, since I think it’s important that we keep these releases seeded, I’ve got us a 6Tb DiskStation (3Tb RAID 1), and have started adding torrents to it for ongoing seeding from my home network. These are in there so far:

AVOTT GIFT: PSP, BD, 1080p, IPOD (missing DVD releases)
AVOTT VEGAS: SLDVD, 420p (was there a DLDVD?)
AVOTT BONUS: Files, iPOd (missing DVD)
NIN in Nimes
eatyourblud’s live essentials 3
TDS Live (Wenster Hall)
TOIOU/TNH – Live in Australia 2009

If you have torrents of any other killer releases that you think should be in the archive (there’s still a couple of Terrabytes to fill!), or have torrents of other TOIOU releases that are missing/I’ve forgotten, please let me know.

Thanks – and Happy Holidays etc to all.

NIN – Live at Paris, Zenith, 7/7/09

French NIN fans have released a great full length live video from the Wave Goodbye tour – NIN – Live at Paris, Zenith, 7/7/09.

Download the DivX or DVD version – or watch on YouTube.

Great work guys :D

Update on eatyourblud memorial fund…

For those of you with short memories, eatyourblud (Mick Gambrell) killed himself last March, leaving behind two children (Beth and Caleb). He was a huge contributor to the NIN community (if occasionally hard work :) and he’s sorely missed.

We collected money on the children’s behalf over the next few months. It’s been a while, but I’ve finally dealt with the paperwork to get this out to them. I took the money raised from the donations on the website and added a chunk more from the group’s account and sent it over to Australia.

We raised over $1,500 from your donations (thanks to everyone) and topped that up with group money to set up two trust accounts for Beth and Caleb for $3,000 each. I’ll keep the donations site up for a few more months – just in case any of you want to add anything to the total (the PP donation thing still works, I hope :D

R.I.P. Mick.

FINALLY getting the new site up and running

I’ve had a busy year, but I’ve set myself a target of getting this damn site updated and launched by Halloween, so enjoy this week of chaos as I get everything up and working…

After playing with Drupal for a while, I decided to move to WordPress for simplicity.

The old site is still up, if you want to order a NIN DVD or Blu Ray, you still can. A lot more will be coming here in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!